An Australian Student Recommends Pastel Painting With Sally Strand

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An artist recommends Sally’s workshops to Pastel Societies in Australia, as well as other artists
In July of this year I had the privilege to attend one of the most outstanding art workshops I have ever experienced. It was conducted by Sally Strand Sally Strand and held at San Clemente, California.When I first booked into her workshop I was very unsure how good she would be, but I so loved her artwork that I took the risk and designed our trip to America with the main focus of doing her art workshop. It was one of the best investments of my life.I have attended many art workshops in Australia and had overseas art teachers over the years. Many of the teachers were wonderful but after all these years it was hard to find someone that I could gain a deeper level of insight from and be so inspired to change old habits.I found Sally to be warm, outgoing and generous with her information. Sally, like so many other art teachers stressed the importance of value. Unlike other art teachers, in a highly organized efficient manner which could only reflect a deep understanding of an artist’s learning process and the essential timing to introduce new information, she guided us through a process of steps where we could easily master value (tone) and ‘relative’ colour matching. The important principle of colour, light and a strong composition were the main focus of the week. These principles were explained through demonstrations, slide shows and lectures, with projects designed to illustrate those concepts, building one on the other as the week progressed.

I know that Sally Strand would love to come out to Australia and teach workshops organized by Pastel Societies. It would be a criminal shame if other Australian artists missed out on her masterful teaching methods. She is an excellent teacher for a beginner artist, an essential teacher for an intermediate artist, and an outstanding role model for an advanced artist.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Sally Strand to be the next teacher that we should bring out to Australia.