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Sally Strand, Article excerpt
Artistas del Pastel, (Pastel Society of Spain)
December 2021 Issue

“The Spark — Capturing a Moment” by Sally Strand
Pastel Journal
October 2019.

“Build/Lesson — Radical Change” by Sally Strand
The Artist Magazine
October 2019.

“The Moment In-Between” by Robert K. Carsten
The Artist Magazine
May 2017.



“Why Subject Matter Matters” by Robert K. Carsten
Pastel Journal
August 2015

“Familiar” by Sally Strand
Artists on Art
April 2015

Today’s Masters, “A Bouquet for Spring”
Fine Art Connoisseur
May/June 2014

Competition Spotlight, Sally Strand
The Artist’s Magazine
May 2014

Standing Out In The Crowd
Pastel Journal
April, 2014

Excite With White
Pastel Journal
February, 2014

Moments éphémères
Autour d’un lit défait
Practique Des Arts, Le Hors Série PDA Spécial Pastel No. 33
June, 2013

Competition Spotlight, Sally Strand
The Artist’s Magazine
November 2012

The Best Advice I Ever Got
Pastel Journal

October, 2012

Sally Strand: Build Pastel Paintings Stroke by Stroke
Six Pastel Painters Share Materials and Techniques
The Complete Painter’s Handbook
American Artist Magazine
July, 2012

Telluride Gallery of Fine Art features award-winning artist Strand at First Thursday Art Walk
Telluride Inside… and Out

February, 2009
Blog Post by Susan Viebrock

A New Day, A New Vision
The Pastel Journal
December, 2009

Prized Pastels: The Pastel Society of America Welcomes
Another Artist into Its Hall of Fame
The Pastel Journal
February, 2008

Pastels Celebration in NYC
Blog Post by Anne Hevener, Editor
The Pastel Journal

In Plain Sight
Southwest Art Magazine
July, 2006