Contemporary Painting with a Classical Approach

Contemporary Painting with a Classical Approach (Virtual)
Mondays, September 13 – October 18, 2021
1pm – 5pm (EST)

Learn a clear, time-honored painting process using classical and contemporary principles in stages from concept drawings to completed still life or figure in environment composition.

In recent years, I have been borrowing and building on classical art principles, painting contemporary views of my personal world. To address subject matter and content, I use formal elements that will be presented in this semester class. I focus on exploring light effects and manipulating value key ranges for mood. Benchmarks for me are clear shapes and color harmonies. I have been experimenting with flattening three-dimensional form and have developed a keen interest in spatial concerns, deep and shallow.

Although pastel techniques will be an integral part of our process, they will not be our primary focus. We will use them to investigate personal expression. Borrowing from the past, students will create painting of their own time.


Here is how the class works:

6 weekly 4-hour online classes with a clear roadmap from sketchbook concept to a signed work of art.

Theory and practice: Every session has a painting demo with a slide lecture of master and contemporary works and methods, theories, and principles. Each session will comprise two hours of painting time on assignments and homework projects, with personal advice from me so that you can immediately test every step and ask questions in real time.

Still life provides all the foundational elements necessary for any subject (including figure and landscape), as well as standing on its own as an art form. Students will create compositions using their own objects or choose a still life photo provided by me.

Figure: You may also work from photos of a figure in an environment. Each stage of the process will build on the next one, on to a finished work, depending on your still level.

Handouts and final small-group critique discussion solidify the means to achieve compelling expression of your subject matter.

Each stage of the process will build on the next one, on to a finished work. You may complete one painting or several, depending on your skill level.

Day 1 – 5

1 pm – 2:30 pm
Demo and slide lecture, additional short time for questions and answers with group discussion.

2:30 pm – 3:00 pm 
½ hour break

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Painting on assignments/homework projects with individual help from me in breakout rooms.

Day 6

Final small-group critiques


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