Focusing on color and light, Sally discusses optical mixing of layered color and how to truly see and identify color, especially subtle color. The effects of light on color, composition, and perception, as well as the use of different types of light are explored. Painting from costumed models and still life, each student receives individual attention and critiques. Demonstrations, lectures, and a slide show are designed to give students tools to achieve intensely beautiful color.

• All mediums welcome
• Beginner to professional
• Instructor demonstrations
• Individual instruction, critiques

“I sincerely can’t remember a more powerful learning experience in my 30 years of painting. You have inspired me and lit a fire.” — Janeen Schissler


(Intermediate and up)

This class begins with a review of painting principles, including optical mixing of layered color, essential elements of strong composition and the effects of light. We will also focus on the later stages of painting, learning to harmonize color masses while developing the ability to really see and mix color, especially those that are nuanced and subtle. Finally, we will explore the finishing touches that turn paintings into personal statements.

Painting from costumed models and still life, plein air artists will benefit from in-studio projects that solidify valuable principles needed for outdoor painting. Demonstrations, lectures, and a slideshow are designed to give students tools to achieve intensely beautiful color.



The Pastel Society of America and Hudson River Valley Art Workshops together are offering this destination workshop. This workshop combines Sally’s  Color of Light and Paint-With-Me and Mentoring workshops and includes studio instruction and plein air painting at some of the same spots as the famous Hudson River Valley painters. A private tour of the home and work of Frederick Church will make this an exciting workshop!

Color of Light — Hudson River Valley
Greenville Arms, in the Catskill Mountains, Greenville, New York
July 21 – 27, 2019
Contact: Kim LaPolla


2020 NEW!

Composition is one of the most challenging elements of creating a painting. Sally presents the foundational elements of composition and design on which all great representational paintings rest. You will study major principles such as pictorial space, balance, dominance, massing, contrast of content, and the use of opposites. You will see how light is a major tool to create a compelling motif, key a painting, and evoke emotion. Painting from still life and clothed models each student receives individual attention and critiques. Demonstrations, lectures and slide presentations of classical and modern masterworks are designed to help you achieve powerfully convincing paintings that stand out.

“Of all the valuable information you provided us, for me the most valuable was what you had to say about learning to think like an artist. “ — Jim McIntyre



Wednesdays, April 10, 17, 24 from 10 am – 1 pm
San Clemente Center for the Arts, San Clemente, CA

Being an artist is a solo journey and you have to adjust to its solitary nature. But after working on a painting, do you find it difficult to see what you’re doing? You may need another set of eyes for perspective. Do you wish someone could occasionally look over your shoulder to provide an opinion or steer you in a good direction?

Sally will advise you with composition and concept, push boundaries, make adjustments to the value structure, fix the color, encourage you to keep going or help you stop before you take it too far. In short, Sally will be there to help you create your own painting and to advise you on technical concerns with your chosen medium. These short-term semi-private mentor painting sessions will give you the boost you need to make positive breakthroughs for your future paintings.



You don’t have to wait for a workshop.

Through private mentoring sessions, I help you take specific steps to accelerate your skill level and personal vision. And wouldn’t it be amazing to get your business systems up and running so you have more time to do the important things— like painting??

I have really enjoyed my new mentoring sessions done in person or via the Internet. Contact me for further information and to set up a time for your consultation.

“Sally’s clarity matched with both subjective and objective approaches towards critiquing my artwork was enlightening! . . . and she took the time to understand me as a person and an artist in order to create a unique business approach tailored to accomplishing the goals of my own artistic journey.” — Anne Strutz