PSA Pastel Academy 2023

Light: Luminous and Elusive

Sally Strand PSA-MP, HFH

Tuesdays, September 26-October 31, 2023 Online
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm (ET)
Tuition: $700 members, $775 non-members
14 Max

Light allows us to see.

Light plays a central role in my paintings as it has for artists through the ages. Light reveals form, creates a mood, and sometimes it is the central character in my story. Rather than depicting objects, I am painting objects influenced by light.

In this class, the focus will be an exploration of the significant impact of light on composition, form, and color. We will also consider how light can be used as a metaphor to deliver meaning.

Observational painting is the act of comparative thinking. We will study how to see, how to think and use our eyes to make visual relationships. Light is a key player.

Painting exercises in class will be done using still life for Weeks 1-2. Students will set up their own simple still life in their studios to apply principles of light on objects. Then in Weeks 2-4, we will see how the same light principles on objects apply to painting figures in an environment by using a photo reference provided by me (option: to continue painting still life). In Weeks 5-6, students will have Personal Choice subject matter to practice creating compelling light using either still life or a figure of their choosing from photos.

Although the pastel medium will be an integral part of our process, it will not be our primary focus. We will use pastels to investigate light. Ultimately, understanding light will help us to portray our own personal expression.

How it works:

  • 6 weekly 4-hour online classes with a clear road map utilizing light to create form, bold composition, value contrast, color influence, harmony and intensities, as well as mood and a personal statement.
  • Theory and practice: Every session has a demo or presentation lecture explaining methods, theories and principles. Each session will comprise two or more hours of student painting time on projects.
  • Small group discussions and a brief critique in Zoom break out rooms are designed to build community with like-minded artists. The Padlet app will be used to share artwork.
  • Recordings will be available in case you miss a class or want to review the lesson.

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