The Best Ever Workshop
Pastel Painting With Sally Strand

An Australian Artist Recommends
Pastel Painting with Sally Strand

Thanks for one of the most inspiring weeks I’ve ever had.
— Ginger, North Carolina

I have been to several workshops in the last few years and yours was the best, by far. You have changed my artistic life.
— Diane, Georgia

I just wanted to tell you thank you again for the workshop you gave in Laguna Beach. You really have a gift for teaching….I’ve had lots of opportunity to experience many teaching styles and abilities….Throughout my education, I’ve always taken time to think about what makes someone a good or a bad teacher. You are gifted. You are able to articulate the lesson as well as demonstrate. Many teachers repeat a lesson with the same words while you are able to say the same thing in many different ways so that you eventually penetrate the brains of all your students. You are able to gently point out areas of improvement while showing enthusiasm for areas of success. You listen well, address the question you hear, and then make sure you have answered the question asked. You are able to add lightness and humor to your teaching. You take time with each student. Your mixture of lecture and application are well balanced…. I could go on, but I just really wanted to say thank you for such a great experience.
— Monica, Arkansas

I really enjoyed your workshop. I felt it really addressed the current struggle with my art and gave me a different way to look at things. Thank you so much. You are a great teacher in addition to being a fantastic artist. Your ability to catch light gives your work so much life. It is truly beautiful.
— Jeni, Arkansas

Thank YOU, Sally, for your wonderful class. You are a great teacher, organized with “meaty” lessons, professional and personal. And as an artist …I love your work…you are truly an inspiration!
— Becky, Minnesota

Thank you for an extraordinary workshop! Thank you for your generous support and tireless repetition of essential elements and methods.
— Elizabeth, Minnesota

I did want you to know that your workshop was a breakthrough experience for me…you crystallized the concepts for me and for that I thank you heartily and with a gratefulness that is hard to describe. You have helped me learn to steer my painting, not just aim it. Thank you so much for your energy, time, insight and patience. You are a joy to have as a teacher. You were our first real inspiration for breathtaking pastels. You will remain up there on the top of our ‘inspirations’ file.
— Kathy, Florida

I loved your slide presentation and I was so inspired I thought I would explode!
— Maggie, Washington

Thank “you” so much for the wonderful workshop. I learned so much and had such a great time! So thanks again, not only for the valuable lessons, tips and advice but for making it all such a pleasure to learn! 🙂
— Lupe, California

I loved your workshop and it’s really helping in my ability to see color.
— Agatha, Vermont

You pulled together and beautifully illustrated the elements of light and color in design and the use of thumbnail sketches. Wonderful experience and great unforgettable lessons — thank you.
— Lucy, New York

Thank you, Sally! I’m so glad I attended. Although I am pretty inexperienced with the medium, you made me feel comfortable and encouraged.
— Jan, Massachusetts

I so appreciated the professional and concise way you presented the information and your no-nonsense way of critiquing our works in process. Your set ups were gorgeous. While you have given the workshop many times, you have the ability to make it fresh to your new students.
— Kitty, New Hampshire

I spent much of my working career in teacher education, and I was most impressed with your teaching skills. You are incredibly skillful and knowledgeable, but then that can be expected of a professional artist. What I really admired is the manner in which you made theory come alive with practical application. While good teaching is grounded in sound pedagogical principles it is largely a performing art, and you certainly performed with enthusiasm. It appeared to me that you genuinely enjoyed the teaching and cared about the workshop participants and their artistic growth. Sally, this is a workshop I will long remember.
— Auke, Canada

Thank you for a wonderful workshop this past weekend. The time you put into preparation and detail of information really helped me to understand the concepts you were presenting. You have energized and encouraged me in a way that is hard to explain, but I feel differently about my art than I did before.
— Kelly, Illinois

It was an excellent workshop; I’ll keep this brief. 1. Organization was superb, with no sense that we were “regimented” 2. Clarity: I came away with principles I can immediately apply to work, both watercolor and pastel, and which will stick with me, an especially important point.
— Wes, Michigan

I’ve admired your work for years, and enjoyed your workshop very much. You are one of the few painters I’ve found, who sees “light” like a photographer, and I admire the “quality” of light you are able to capture in your paintings. Through out my entire career as a professional photographer, I’ve always felt there was a painter inside me somewhere, you have inspired me to look deeper and find that painter now.
— Bob, Ohio

You are an excellent teacher. And every one of my friends feels the same. Your name comes up often when we are working together from the model. Thank you for all the extra effort you put into your still life setups, and demos. You set a new standard.
— Ann, Michigan

I have wanted to thank you….it was a wonderful workshop and really transformed my approach to my own painting…..it has taken me a good two years to digest and integrate all that you shared with us. I hope to take another workshop with you in the next year. Thanks so much for sharing so freely with us when you were here…and thank you also for continuing to inspire with your work…!!!!!
— Cheri, Florida

You are a class act all the way.
— Scott, California

You are one of the best “teachers of art” that I have ever experienced. You rely on principles, not tips and techniques to guide students, and are able to work with them individually at their own level and in areas that will most efficiently advance their art. You are challenging, yet encouraging, organized yet flexible. You move ahead when students are ready. You are personally approachable and humble, though your own work is masterful. I thoroughly
enjoyed your class.
— Rick, California